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([personal profile] kuri Apr. 29th, 2009 09:19 am)
Tanya is a server at the 3 Bananas cafe downtown, where my friend Cheryl and I knit and talk about capital S "stuff" (most often gender politics, the sex trade and reproductive issues) 2 times a week over lunch. Tanya is friendly and funny and indulges us a regulars, making custom pizzas for Cheryl who has a tomato allergy. In short, Tanya has played a large part in turning 3 Bananas from a merely convenient place to eat to a place where Cheryl and I enjoy being regulars.

Therefore, the idea of knitting her something came up a few weeks ago. I'm usually somewhat nervous about knitted gifts, because there's always a large risk of putting a lot of feeling and effort into something not very well appreciated. But Cheryl gifts her knits a lot and I think we choose a good project: a lace scarf, knit is two parts and then grafted together. This allows Cheryl and I to split up the knitting evenly. After browsing a few patterns we settled on the Orchid Lace scarf. Cheryl will do the grafting, as I hate grafting due to sucking at it.

As Tanya wears a lot of black, I ordered 2 skeins of 'Seduction' yarn (Merino/Tencel blend, weighted for 3.25 mm needles), in Haida from Blue Moon Fiber (sic) Arts. I'm pretty excited about starting this project.
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